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Fizz Live is a two-day event in London celebrating and empowering women in midlife. 

While it may be a new name, Fizz Live has a strong foundation, having launched as "Postcards From Midlife Live" in May 2023. The overwhelming success of the launch event combined with positive feedback from our visitors and partners has inspired this rebranding and expansion. 


Midlife is a transformative chapter, and Fizz Live is poised to empower women to embrace it with enthusiasm, discover their strength, ignite their passions, and flourish. The event celebrates the midlife experience, offering a platform for insightful conversations, empowering stories, and practical advice. 


Fizz Live is structured around key pillars that address various aspects of midlife and menopause: 

Being involved with Fizz 2024 provides an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your products and services to an affluent and engaged midlife community. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your brand and connect with an incredible audience. 

For sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, please contact: 

Oonagh Cattigan,Head of Brands & Partnerships 

For marketing partner opportunities and media, please contact: 

Cat Stanford, Marketing Manager 


DogFest is the perfect event to get your dog's tail wagging, providing a fun-filled, action packed day out they'll never forget! Jump, run and weave through lots of exciting new activities, drop into the puppy academy, get expert advice or shop for their favourite dog delights. There is so much to do, your pup will be spoilt for choice.



Get ready for the best walk ever with your four-legged friend at some of Britain's most beautiful country estates. Let your dog take the lead and enjoy our feel-good DogFest environment with plenty of activities to treat your dog to a great day out.

Great Dog Walk 15.jpg


SDA 2021 Winners (795 x 600 px).png

The SuperDog Awards aims to recognise and celebrate the nation’s exceptional dogs - those who help make people’s lives and the world we live in more caring, richer and fun. The project showcases the power of unconditional love and shines a light on the remarkable bond between people and dogs.


The home of all things dog has everything you need to know, whether you have a new family member or just want to stay up to date with the latest dog advice. Find out tips on everything from diet, nutrition, health and exercise, to choosing the right breed for you, and even enjoy interviews from famous guests and experts in the field!



vet festival 7.jpg

VET Festival is Veterinary Education for Tomorrow. This innovative and fresh 2 day CPD conference will bring state-of-the-art knowledge that is clinically relevant to every veterinary practice and their staff.

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